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Curious by birth and Designer by training, I am passionate about UX, Bollywood dancing, dogs, travel and quirky people (not necessarily in that order!)

In my present role as a UX Researcher on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), I have designed studies that translate the initial research question into a deeper, objective understanding of user requirements and derive impactful insights which help guide the design direction. 

My Masters degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and my internship with DocuSign has helped me hone my skills and passion for user centered design.

In addition, I have a Bachelors degree in Architectural Design. As I have  worked on my career transition to UX, I have found that the core skills that served me well in my architectural career give me a natural advantage in the UX field. These skills include the precise definition of design requirements, empathizing with the user, representing voice of customer in the design, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. 

When I am not playing referee to my two kids, 

in my free time, I love to cuddle up with my puppy, travel and explore perspectives across cultures.

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