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Project Overview

This  project covered a major portion of the product development lifecycle from business modeling and market analysis to user experience design and prototype development.


The Solution seamlessly combined a mobile application and smart sensor technology with services to simplify the food gardening experience for novice urban gardeners. 

Sassy Sprout is designed with a sassy personality which is intended to provide an engaging and fun way to interact with plants.


Simplify the food gardening experience for the novice urban gardener

The Work

An analysis of market needs for the novice urban gardener was conducted. Key business requirements were prioritized.

Defined a business model, and created PR collateral including a press release.

Prototyped the proposed mobile app, demonstrating interaction with the sensor and the use of the online marketplace.


The need to develop a solution with a low barrier to entry, given the lack of experience and time constraints for novice urban gardeners.

Designing the sensor notifications to reflect a sassy and fun personality of the plants without sounding rude. 


Defined an integrated solution that combined a mobile app, smart sensor, online marketplace and expert services.

Presented the solution for critical review to a peer audience at UW.

Research Question

How can the food gardening experience for novice urban gardeners be simplified, given that:

  1. They have a busy schedule that allows them very little time to monitor their plants, and

  2. Their lack of gardening experience combined with time constraints creates the need for a solution with a very low barrier to entry.

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